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Chris & Tysha Tinney are my spiritual brother and sister, and together we started Om Peace Church…a path of kindness, starting with our selves…it naturaly evolvs to being kind to others, animals and our Awesome planet Earth…=) Come and add Your Amazing L I G H T…we will Have Too Much FUN !!! =)

I have been Weight Training/Working Out/Body Building for most of the, almost 59yrs, I've been back on the planet. Hiking, Rock Climbing, Body Surfing, Volleyball, Mountain Biking. At 45 I was considering showing in body building contest, with men my age and weight group. I have wanted to make sure I am putting the best food in my body, so I can know the Highest Levels of Health that I can. With the working out I wanted the best fuel for this to maximize the intense training I have done, getting the most results for my effort, being efficient. Hence being a Vegetarian for 18+ years, and now Raw Vegan for 3 yrs. About 5 yrs ago I found Marine Phytoplankton and Realized that it is thee most nutrient dence wholefood on the planet. Now along with that I use the All Certified Organic Vegan products from Green Organics for the Highest Levels of Health and Fitness, Spiritual Connection, Kindness, Personal Development and Abundance !!!****** =)



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Dream Island Home - At Peace in the Universe - Complete

Wanted to share this, I feel it is Awesome – The Longest Solar Eclipse of the Century

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